From the Airport plane_1
Despite the fact that Thassos does not have an airport, tourists can travel to the international airport of Chrisoupoli (Kavala) which is only a 20 minute drive to the port of Keramoti. There are daily flights from Athens and from other Greek cities. Many European cities, during the summer months have direct flights to the airport Megas Alexandros in Chrisoupoli (Kavala).

By Ferry Boat/Car car_1
To get to Thassos there are two ports from the mainland. One from Kavala and the other from Keramoti. From Kavala:
This ferry gets to the town of Prinos on Thassos.
There are not many ferries a day and the trip takes about 1hour and 30 mins.
From Prinos to Potos the distance is about 30 kms.
From Keramoti:
This ferry gets to the town Limenas
This ferry boat takes about 40mins and there are ferry boats every 45 mins
When you get to Limenas , Potos is 45 kms away.

How to get to d&d Holiday Studios
Once on the island,you must follow the road signs that say PRINOS – LIMENARIA – POTOS.
After Limenaria there is a small village called Pefkari and straight after that you are in Potos. At the entrance of Potos there is a big hotel on your right called ALEXANDRA BEACH HOTEL. You continue straight until you get to a BP petrol station on your right. When you see a supermarket on your left you will see a small road that turns right. you turn right there and continue straight until you see the sea. This road is narrow. When you get to the beach you can only turn right and then you carry on straight. With the sea on your left, after 100 metres you have reached your destination.

The co-ordinates of d&d Holiday studios are:

Latitude: 40.611045

Longitude: 24.604820